Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Little Mermaid at Theater by the Sea

Dear Em,
I've heard about a little community theater right near the ocean in Rhode Island, but this weekend we went to our very first show. Back in May, Daddy saw that they would be performing The Little Mermaid & gifted us all tickets for my birthday. I've been excited ever since about taking you to your very first live theater musical.

You asked if you could wear your Little Mermaid costume, & Daddy thought there was no better place to rock it. We drove the short ride to Matunuck with our windows down. The weather was gorgeous. We entered the small, quaint theater & were helped to our seats. They offered us a booster seat so that you would be able to better see from your seat. We could feel the ocean breeze coming through the doors of the theater.

As the music began to start, I wasn't looking at the stage. I was looking at the excitement on your adorable face. I watched your excitement as bubbles floated down from the ceiling. You gasped in delight  as Ariel entered the stage. All of the performers were incredible. The whole play was fun & entertaining, but I think Daddy & I found ourselves watching you more than anything else. When you weren't fidgeting around & kicking the back of of the chair in front of you (it must be hard to get comfortable when you're wearing a boot in the summertime), you were completely enthralled & taken away by underwater world that played out in front of you. Daddy & I shared many smiles after stealing looks at your absolute happiness & delight in those moments.

It was a magical first live musical experience, & we can't wait to take you back next year.

I love you so,

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