Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Em's little class

Dear Em,
You don't like to play on your own...I mean you really don't like it. You're a social little girl, & you are in your element when you have others to play with. You beg us to play Barbies or American girl dolls or play dough or Babies. Better yet, you love when your little friends visit & you can play with someone your own size.

You don't like to play on your own, but you do sometimes. When you do, it's truly magical to see (& not just because it means that we don't have to also play Barbies or Babies). The other day I spied on you leading your very own class. You had some of your babies & stuffed animals, placed in a circle around you. You had a stack of books to read for circle time, & you caught me spying in on you & trying not to laugh while you read What does the Fox Say? to your class.

You told me about how your class was doing. Two babies were having a hard time being away from their mommies, & you had them sitting in your lap as you read to the class. One baby had been particularly fresh, & was sitting in timeout in a chair in the other room, facing toward the windows. She sat in time out for a very long time. You are a very sweet, & very strict, little teacher.

I know it must be tough to be an only child & not have another little in our home for you to play with, but I hope you know how magical your imagination is when you're on your own. I hope you know how enchanted I become as I watch you from afar...even if in your imagination someone is usually sitting in timeout.

I love you so,

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