Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Four Year Old Basketball Stars

Dear Em,
Each month & a half your class learns about a different topic. It amazes me to see the creative ways your teachers prepare all types of activities to surround the topic. They use numbers, colors, reading, writing, art, & exercise to teach you more about the topic in such fun ways. Recently, you've been learning about basketball. At the end of your basketball unit, your teachers invited the parents to come & watch your class play a basketball game.

I couldn't help but giggle to myself at the thought of your class playing basketball. When this unit first started, they asked your class what color a basketball is, & you replied "purple." I'd never seen you dribble a basketball- or any ball really- but if your basketball coordination is anything like mine, this four year old basketball game was going to be entertaining to say the least. Daddy couldn't come, but he made me promise to take pictures and videos.

When I got to your school, parents lined the side of the gym, like fans at a stadium. Instead of seeing the traditional set-up for a basket ball game, you & your class (wearing the "basketball jerseys" you had designed yourself) were divided into smaller groups, working on different skills of basketball. There was an area where you stood in the middle of a hula hoop & worked on dribbling inside the hoop. There was an area where you stood on cirlces & worked on passing the ball to eachother. There was another area where you worked on shooting the basketball into the basket- a laundry basket. It was the most adorable thing ever.

I was really impressed with how well you listened to & followed instructions. You very intently tried your very best at each skill, looking up occasionally to make sure I was watching. I was equally impressed with your basketball style. There was a lot of twirling & the ballerina-type leg movements.

Seriously, look at this adorable form. I couldn't get over the cuteness of the whole class.

At the end, your class lined up & you all got to show the parents what you all could individually do by shooting the basketball into the basket. When your turn came, you shot the ball right into the basket. You were so proud of yourself, you did a cute, little victory dance.

I was really proud of you too. I really loved watching you play. You've come a long way from the girl who thought basketballs were purple.

I love you so,

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