Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Messy Eaters

Dear Em,
Sometimes it's amazing how much of a messy eater you are. Sometimes I wonder if you get more food in your mouth or on the floor...& on your chair...& on the table...& all over your clothes. It could be due to the fact that you enjoying bouncing, dancing, & running while you eat. Food naturally flies as you fly through the air.

In an effort to encourage you to sit still for longer than 30 seconds while eating, we've implemented a new incentive. If you can sit on your bum, without getting up, during dinner Monday-Thursday nights, I will get you a donut for breakfast on the way to school on Fridays. I know there are a million studies that say you shouldn't bribe your children, & bribing your children with food should be forbidden, but this was actually something your pediatrician suggested. And if it works, I'm just going to smile really big.

Maybe it's kind of my fault. You do come from a line of messy eaters. I think I'm two in this TBT photo.

Maybe my parents should have promised me a donut if on Monday-Thursday I got my food in my mouth.

I love you so,

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