Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Father/Daughter Wedding Dance

Daddys dancing with their daughters at Andrea & Lowell's wedding.
Photos by Reese Allen Studio
Dear Em,
Remember how I said you've already planned getting married & having kids? You're really starting to plan out the details of your wedding day...which I guess will make for much less stressful wedding planning once you're actually old enough to get married.

My cousin Michaela was in our wedding almost 6 years ago. Now 17 years old, she no longer fits in her junior bridesmaid dress. We thought it would be fun for you to have it & use it for dress up. The cranberry red dress is pretty big on you now. You put it on this past weekend, & the long bow in the back was almost like a train.

Since my cousin wore it in my wedding, & you haven't quite learned the difference between dresses bridesmaids wear & what a typical bride's dress looks like, you declared it a perfect bridal gown. You plan to wear pink on your wedding day, & while the color isn't perfect, you deemed the cranberry color to be close enough.

So, you decided to hold a reception in the middle of my aunt's kitchen. Daddy was standing nearby making his breakfast when you told him it was time for him to dance with the bride. I asked what song we should put on. Your eyes sparkled as you thought about it. "You know the we like to Partaayy, we like to summer song? I think that's perfect. And you know, Dad, the bride gets to choose the song."

I found the song Hot Wings from the movie Rio. For anyone who is not familiar with the song, it goes a little something like this...

Daddy gave everyone else in the kitchen a "how the heck am I going to dance with my little girl to this" look, & played along. I laughed hysterically & wished that I wasn't using my phone to play the song, because I would rather be taking incriminating photos & video.

We listened to the song at least 15 more times that morning, & I had the song stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend. Daddy is really hoping you change your song preference by the time you get married. Not me. I would love to see you & Daddy dance in front of a reception full of people to this exact song...with photos & videos to preserve the moment for all eternity.

I love you so,

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