Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our World Travels

Dear Em,
I always wanted to hang up a world map somewhere in our house. It didn't feel right with the theme of your room (nor do you have any extra wall space), but I've been casually thinking about where else a map might fit. After updating the entryway, it's become such a fun learning/storgae area. It's the perfect place for our World Map.

I bought a map from Amazon & attached foam board to the back before nailing it on the wall. The map came laminated, which I didn't really expect. The shininess of it makes it hard to look at in certain light. I think eventually we might replace it with a canvas map print, but this was a much less expensive solution that works for now.

We placed blue pins at the locations we've traveled to. It was a glaring reminder that most of our travels have been within the USA, & most of those travels have been on the East Coast. That realization has made me long for international travel...sigh, maybe next year?

I love being able to point out locations on the map when you ask me where a place is. I love that when I read or hear about a place I'm not familiar with, I can look it up on our map.

And I'm looking forward to adding blue pins with you & Daddy.

I love you so,

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