Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Entryway Makeover

Dear Em,
Our entryway is an area that started out with nothing & has evolved over the past five years. Each time we add to it, we've taken it from just a space to walk through to a space that serves a purpose. Grandma & Papa gifted us a little table & chairs for you (& us) to sometimes eat at, play at, & make crafts on. We bought a bench with baskets for storing our shoes (actually, mostly because our cat, Charlie, kept peeing on our shoes & the bench/baskets were a great way to store them away from him/his pee). We added a shelving until with baskets to store your crafts. On the walls I hung a large cork board, & a family board we were gifted soon after your daddy & I were married.

Before: Our Entryway circa five years ago
Entryway: Before
The entryway has evolved & it worked, but I had ideas to add more function & more fun. When I mentioned to Daddy that I wanted to paint a chalkboard accent wall, he nixed the idea. Even Nonnie gave me a "that's nice, dear" look that meant anything but she thought it would be nice. With the negative reviews of my idea, I put it off for a long time. In the midst of my project itch this winter, I found myself revisiting my ideas for an Entryway Makeover (even after the Family Room Makeover, Dining Area Makeover, & Front Door Makeover). So I bought a $10 quart of paint (such a great deal!), & got to work.

It was another snow day this winter. Daddy was working from his home office, & you & I were stuck home, safe from the snowy roads. Although you were home & needed to be entertained, I thought it was the perfect day to start my project. I didn't tell anyone else what I was doing. I just got to work.

Entryway: Mid-project
I gave you coloring books & crayons, & we found a movie for you to watch online. Let's just say it wasn't just Frozen outside, & you were incredibly happy. Although the question, "Do you want to build a snowman?" makes me want to cry right now, & the snow was too wet anyways, I brought some snow inside for you to build a tiny one in between coats of paint.

I was halfway through painting when Daddy came upstairs from his office. He was surprised to see new paint covering our Entryway Wall. "I didn't realize you were doing this," he said as more of a question than a statement. "Yeah, remember when I told you I wanted to paint a chalkboard wall here & you didn't think it would look right?" I asked. His eyebrows raised. "Well, I'm painting a chalkboard wall here." Daddy sighed, but let it go. He knows a) to defer most decorative decisions to me because he has a hard time picturing what things will look like b) I was going crazy & it's just best to let me do projects during times like these c) he wasn't asked to do any of the work & it's probably best to get out of there before I do ask for help.

Luckily, we all love the result. It's the perfect accent wall, adding function & fun to the space. The Entryway was fine before, but now it's the perfect space for us to come home to.

Entryway: After
Entryway: After
Our cork board was originally purchased to hang up your art work & was framed in a dark, black color. I painted the frame white, using leftover trim paint we already have. This gave the board a nice, cheap update. Since most of the space of the board is taken up with photographs & cards we've received, this doesn't leave much room for your art & schoolwork. I wanted more space to display your creations. I bought four fun 11X14 frames on clearance at Michaels (I think they were $4 each). I took out the glass panes & backing of the frames. I hammered in a sawtooth hangers (you can buy them at most stores that sell frames) & hung them on the wall. Now with just a little pit of painters tape, we have a fancy way to display your masterpieces.

Entryway: After
To add a little more function to the Entryway, we hung a hook to the wall for your coat & backpack. While you've always been great about coming home & putting your shoes away in your basket, the closet hangers are too high for you to hang your coat. Your backpack hasn't really had a spot, & gets strewn around everywhere. Now you have spots for everything, & when you come home for the day, you can put everything away on your own.

Entryway: After
Entryway: After
Speaking of spots, the location of our keys has been a constant mystery for your Daddy & I. Hunting around for our keys is something we've both done far too many times. Sticking with fun & functional, I ordered a Rhode Island shaped key holder from the Etsy shop ThePineNuts. I love that it's made from recycled wood. I love that it displays the state we hold so dearly in our hearts. I love that I always know where my keys are.

Entryway: After

I put everything together after you had gone to sleep for the night. The last thing I did was decorate with a little chalk artwork. I couldn't wait to see your excitement when you realized you could write on the walls. Seeing the smiles on your face as you decorate & redecorate the wall is my favorite thing about the whole space. I hope it's a space where we leave each other pictures & love notes for years to come.

For around $50, we have a whole new space. This should conclude our home makeovers for a little while...I think.

I love you so,

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