Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Glitter & Pink Invites

Dear Em,
I'm so excited to bring back Wedding Shower Wednesdays. In collaboration with a few ladies, I've been having so much fun planning your Aunt Andrea's shower (& now her bachelorette) this year. I feel like it was forever ago that Andrea's Maid of Honor sent us a color swatch with pink & glittery gold hues. I loved it. It was so Andrea (like you, Andrea loves everything pink) & so fun!

We wanted to set the fun & pretty tone right off the bat with the invites. Remember how I made my friend's shower invitations last time? I loved how they came out, but they took forever to put together. Now that I've experienced how easy & affordable it is to order invitations from Etsy, we knew that was the way to go. I'm so glad we did, because the girls found the most amazingly perfect invitations.

From here.

We worked with GaiaDesignStudios to order this sparkly design. They also designed us a cocktail recipe card to match that Andrea's guests could fill out & bring to the shower.

The one of the girls had the design printed at Staples on a pale pink paper. We all got together one weekend to work on DIY shower & bachelorette projects, put the invitations into envelopes, address them, & send them out. We couldn't resist making a little glittery confetti to add to the envelopes. We may have put a little extra in the Bride-to-Be's envelope. It made me smile to think of the fun surprise everyone would be opening up (& then probably cleaning up...whoops).

I love how simple & affordable Etsy makes it to create professional looking, personalized invitations. It truly was the perfect introduction to our event. In the upcoming weeks, I can't wait to share more from Andrea's pink & glittery shower.

I love you so,

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