Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Andrea

Dear Em,
When I met your aunt Andrea, she was a freshmen in high school. She & your Daddy were in that stage of siblinghood where there was a four year gap, & while they loved each other, they didn't really understand each other (& Daddy thought he was way cooler than her because he was older & really didn't like her taste in music). She was always nice, but I wasn't really sure if she liked me. She was my boyfriend's sister, & it was like that for a while.

We were at a family function one day- I will never forget it- when your aunt Andrea turned to me & said, "when are you two going to have kids? I would like to be an aunt, like, now." Your Daddy & I weren't even engaged. I was in the middle of gradschool. Having a baby at that moment was not close to being an option, but it made my heart happy to know that your aunt Andrea thought of me being part of the family in a permanent way.

Your daddy graduated from college, & Andrea graduated from high school. During my last year of gradschool, Andrea was at URI too. It was kind of fun meeting up with her from time to time & bringing her snacks to get her through finals. It was the first times that I was seeing her without your daddy there too, & I felt like we were becoming friends.

Daddy & I got engaged (she was the first one we told in person, because she was a few miles away), & the next two years were a whirlwind of activities. Andrea was the only one of my bridesmaids living anywhere near me, & she was a lifesavor. I can't tell you how much she helped out. She was there for me for EVERYTHING, & we also had the opportunity to just have fun together too. Your aunt Andrea is so (so so so so so) funny & fun & smart & sweet. Everything we did together was a blast. There were road trips & girls weekends that we're still laughing about.

On the day of my wedding, I felt so blessed to have- not just my new husband's sister or just a friend- another sister standing beside me.

Her support didn't stop there. She was the very first person we told we were pregnant, & her joy was unbelievable. As I got larger & cried because I didn't fit in any of my clothes, Andrea went maternity clothes shopping with me. She was there to help us move into our house. She helped plan my baby shower. Everything we did together was filled with laughter.

The day she met you, she was overjoyed. You are the niece that your Aunt Andrea had wanted for years. It's made my heart happy to see the two of you together ever since. She has become our resident nurse, the first one we call when we're worried about your health. She's also become one of my favorite people to go on trips with. We had so much fun in Las Vegas, Florida, & California with her & your Uncle Lowell to be.

And now it's your Aunt Andrea's turn to get married. I don't think it's possible to repay her for all she's done for us & the many ways she's supported me, but I'm going to try my hardest. Her Wedding Breakfast is this weekend, & I'm so excited to celebrate Andrea & all of the amazingness that lies ahead in her future (maybe a cousin or two for you sometime after the wedding????). I wish her all of the best & feel so fortunate to be part of the journey.

I love you so,

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