Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Dear Em,
I love St. Patrick's Day. It's not just because it's a holiday mostly about drinking. Although, that can be really fun...when done responsibly. I think I mostly love St. Patrick's Day because it brings some green into our lives during a time when it is filled with mushy, slushy grey stuff. It comes at a time when I really freaking need some green in my life.

So, while it's grey outside, inside our home it's all about the green.

We weren't totally ready to say goodbye to our Valentine decor. You & I agreed we'd leave some hearts but add some green. We hung up green shamrocks everywhere. You decorated the back door. Instead of just drawing the people & squiggled lines we're used to, your drawings have expanded. I feel like your rainbow & flower drawings are so stinkin' cute & exactly the extra touch we needed.

Remember how I made the hanging hearts for Valentine's Day & how I said they took forever to make? I didn't really see myself ever making them again, but you & I kinda fell in love with our hanging hearts. So, I made hanging shamrocks (directions here). I couldn't actually find a shamrock punch, but I bought a flower one that kinda looks like a shamrock.

We hung them with the hearts over the dining room table & over your bed.

I made another Shamrock-Picture Door Hanger. I know I made one last year, but I like them better with a different photo from the last five years. Daddy & I love to look at them & reminisce about how much you've grown. You picked out the glittery paper & fun ribbon.

We even painted our fingernails to let Spring know we're ready to welcome it with arms wide open.

Thanks for being my partner in decorating/welcoming Spring.

I love you so,

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