Thursday, March 7, 2013

you can't trust groundhogs

Dear Em,
Didn't the groundhog say that spring would come early this year? Then why is it starting to look like a winter wonderland outside? I guess it just goes to show you that you can't trust groundhogs. I don't even trust weather people (although I kinda hope you become one someday, only in that occupation can you be wrong more than 50% of the time & still have a job). I don't know why I put my trust in a groundhog.

The white stuff may be starting to cover the ground outside, but inside there's plenty of Spring green to make us smile. This month we have two holidays to celebrate: St Patrick's Day & Easter. Your Daddy & I will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Prague (do they even celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Prague???), but that doesn't stop us from getting into the spirit here.

I took some time on Sunday to take down all the winter & Valentine's Day decor & welcome the Spring. I mostly used what we already have, but added a few new things here & there. You walked down the stairs. "Oh, Mommy, it's beautiful! I love the flowers & everything!" I think it's so stinkin' cute at such a young age that you notice the little details.

This year you joined in some of the decorating fun. After putting up a few shamrocks on our back doors, I let you go for it with window markers. You had a blast making a new, springy masterpiece.

We did a little St. Patty's Day themed photo shoot. I had to bribe you with pink marshmallows, & you still mostly looked at everything except the camera. Luckily we still got some wicked cute ones, & I used them to make something festive to hang on our door.

Since we're also celebrating Easter this year, I sprinkled in some Easter fun here & there. I can't seem to find our eggs from last year. Looks like I'm going to have to travel to the hardware store to steal borrow more paint samples. Hmmmm, I was hoping to paint our front door & shutters...

I love you so,


  1. Love those door hangers. They're so cute.

  2. Thanks, I have plans to do a similar one for Easter but it will all depend on if I get my act together in time. Thanks for stopping by.


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