Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hunting for Eggs at the Zoo

Dear Em,
Over the past year, we've had a few holiday firsts. Remember how we didn't have power on Halloween & enjoyed trick or treating at the aquarium? What better way to follow that up than an Easter egg hunt at the zoo? I was researching egg hunts online & found a whole day of activities at the zoo. Daddy & I were looking forward to a day of fresh air, & you were excited that two of your best friends were going too.

The line getting into the zoo was long, like jack o'lantern spectacular long. We were lucky to have arrived early. The line only got longer after we got there. You didn't mind the wait. You had a cute little friend to keep you occupied.

Rather than wait in another line to see the Easter Bunny at the mall, I decided we would visit the Easter Bunny at the zoo. We are members, & the entrance fee plus all of the activities that day were free except for the Easter Bunny part. It was worth the extra money. We walked into the green house, & you sat right on his lap.

There were also crafts & snacks.

After that, we were ready to begin the scavenger hunt. You each had a card with five animal clues. You & your little friends were surprisingly very good at figuring out most of the clues. At each of the five animal locations, you got your card stamped & an Easter egg. Well mostly, I got your card stamped & an Easter egg. There was a line of people at each of the locations. So, we thought it would be better for you to particpate in some of the many activities & look at the animals with Daddy while I waited in the lines. 

One of the activities was interviewing a bunny.

When your scavenger hunt card was all filled out, we traded our eggs in for what you really wanted...goody bags! You were thrilled to check out your loot.

It wasn't all sunshine & butterflies. You were exhausted & somewhat cranky from a full morning of activity & waiting & hunting through the zoo. At one point you may have sat down in the middle of a puddle & refused to move. All in all, it was a fun & festive time with friends (I know I felt fortunate to be doing something outside. My body needs fresh air like I can't even begin to explain). I will for sure be on the look out for the event next year.

I love you so,

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