Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We're Back

Dear Em,
We're back from Prague. I became so enchanted with the beautiful city (more on that in later posts), & am so glad we had the opportunity to go. At the same time, my heart ached for you. One night before bed, your daddy & I spent 30 minutes looking through some of our favorite pictures & videos of you.

Our homecoming has been bittersweet. I can't tell you how it felt to scoop you up in my arms for the first time after we got back. Is it possible that you grow an inch every time I go away? We picked you up from Grandma & Papa's house, & on the way home we all felt content to be heading home. You sang songs about how much you loved us & told us knock knock jokes. Your "jokes" go a little like this:

Emma: Knock Knock.
Daddy: Who's there?
Emma: Emma.
Daddy: Emma who?
Emma: Emma Me!!!!!
3 seconds later...
Emma: Knock Knock.
Daddy: Who's there?
Emma: Emma.

Even after missing you as much as I did, I could only take the same knock knock "joke" 10 times before it was starting to drive me crazy. We ate dinner & then gave you the the souvenirs we brought back for you: a winter hat that was very Prague, Easter Kinder chocolates, & different coins from Europe. Watching you eat your chocolate with your new hat on was so stinkin' cute.

We spent the rest of the night snuggling while watching movies...when you weren't throwing big tantrums. It always seems to take you a week or so to transition back into life after a long trip. This morning you had a throw-down screaming fit. I felt like nothing I said or did helped. I don't know if you're upset because we went away, if you're not feeling well, or if it's just that you are three years old & acting out is part of life.

Sigh. There are things that can be more challenging once you become a parent, & for me traveling is one of them (with or without you along fro the trip). I come back from a trip absolutely drained. I mostly want to nap & recover from it all. But I can't. There's a three year old who needs us to actually be parents.

But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I love you so,

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