Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014

Dear Em,
With the luck of the Irish coming from both sides of our family, I think, like it is for me, St. Patrick's Day will always be near & dear to your heart. If nothing else, it's a holiday to celebrate, decorate, & dress-up for in the middle of winter.

We had a wicked busy weekend planned, but still managed to fit in some time at the Newport St. Patrick's Day parade. This was my first time experiencing the parade with kids, in a child-oriented, no adult beverages kind of way. Unfortunately, we were also experiencing it without our favorite Irishman, Daddy (he is enjoying a bachelor party in Las Vegas). It was really cold & wet & muddy, but it was fantastic. We found a spot in front of the crowds of people so that you & your little best friend could see & just enjoyed.

You liked the moments of the parade where there was music best. When it was just a police car driving down the road, you turned to me & asked "why aren't they doing anything?" That's when you decided to take the entertainment into your own hands.

Not being an expert on the whole two-kids thing, I have to say it was sometimes a little overwhelming to be at a big event with such large crowds of people, by myself with two kids- especially since you were suffering from a sinus infection & sometimes insisted on doing the very opposite of what I asked you to do. Still, it was a fun to experience celebrating St. Patrick's Day in one of the most gorgeous places in Rhode Island, & the precious moments I watched you share with your best friend were priceless.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my love. May the luck be with you today & always. Now, hurry up & dress yourself in green before you get pinched!

I love you so,

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