Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Dear Em,
It's fascinating to me how your little mind works & how quickly you learn & develop. We went from struggling to find a way to make practicing writing letters more fun to you filling your pages with letters & words. Every picture you create for us now has writing to go along with it.

While we still do rainbow writing, you enjoy trying to tackle words on your own now. Sometimes it's frustrating for you. Not to do the writing itself, but because sometimes Daddy & I don't know how to read what you've written. Your independent words are mostly spelled phonetically & sometimes while all the letters of a word appear on your page, it doesn't seem like the letters are in any particular order. You look at us with a very proud "look at the most amazing letter I wrote for you" look on your face, & Daddy & I start to feel flustered over the fact we can't quite read it. I try to ask you what you've written, & you give me an annoyed look. "I don't know. You read it, Mommy." It's OK. I guess this is part of the learning process. We'll get there.

A few weeks ago, you were very upset. You realized that you had never made a Valentine for your Lamby. We were gifted your Lamby at my baby shower. While you believe in your heart it was love at first sight, it took you a little while to choose Lamby from all your other stuffed animals & lovies. Since then, the two of you have been inseperable. Lamby has been there for you through everything. Yesterday you were talking about the people you love. There was me & Lamby & Nonnie & Daddy...in that order.

So, needless to say, you were quite upset when you realized you had forgotten to create a Valentine for Lamby. You set to work, making Lamby the perfect mini-card. We often sound out & spell words out together, but you looked at me like I was insane as I tried to explain that the word LAMB has a letter B in it. It was soon after I told you that the B is silent that you decided you were going to sound out & write on your card all by yourself.

You showed me the finished product before you gave it to Lamby. On the top of the heart-shaped card, you had clearly written L-A-M-E. I struggled to hold back laughter & happy tears at the same moment. I can't even tell you how full you make my heart.

I love you so,

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