Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Family Date Night

Dear Em,
This past Friday Daddy & I were able to sit down with your teachers for a parent teacher conference. Your teachers put together an amazing booklet of your pictures & work so far this year. They wrote an evaluation that was so full of encouragement & love, it brought tears to my eyes (You have the most incredible teachers, their creativity & patience & capabilities amaze me on a daily basis).

It was such a precious gift to look at your booklet of writing & counting & matching & graphing & categorizing. We're so proud of the work you've done. We love that PreK has been a safe place where you can grow & develop & create & have fun.

We decided to go out to eat to celebrate a great evaluation. It had been months since we had gone out to eat just the three of us, & it was such a special treat. As we sat, we worked on the kids activity sheet together as a family. We tried your first word find, played tick tac toe, colored, & discovered missing items in similar illustrations. It was yet another reminder of how much you're growing. We used to have to bring a bag full to the brim with activities to occupy you, & even then we would have to ask you to sit down at least 35,000 times. I was so nice to sit & eat & talk & laugh as a family. The restaurant may have been bustling around us, but I felt like it was just us three that night.

Daddy needed new gloves, & we ran into the store together. While you waited for Daddy, you tried on almost every hat in the store & even some snow shoes. I freaking love you, little girl. You even make glove shopping entertaining.

In frigid temperatures, we headed to Newport Creamery for Awful Awfuls (Awful Big & Awful Good). The waitresses beamed at you as you proudly announced that we were having a special celebration. While we drank the most amazing milkshakes (you had oreo, Daddy had coffee, & I had mocha), we laughed as we worked on yet another kids activity sheet.

It was a simple night, & yet it was everything to me. Just thinking about the fun we shared puts a smile in my heart. Thanks for putting the fun & the laughter & the love in our family date nights.

I love you so,

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  1. What a sweet letter for your lovely daughter! Em is really smart and adorable. It's a good tradition for kids to be celebrated for their great achievements. It helps them go beyond them. By the way, how's the family treat? It seems that you really had fun. Thanks for sharing that precious moment! All the best!

    Rosemarie Harrington @ The Willard


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