Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hide & Go Seek with Charlie

Dear Em,
We've brought back hide & go seek in the dark this month. Winter is a fantastic time to play hide & go seek in the dark, because it gets dark way before your bedtime & we get to play & have fun while also staying inside, warm & cozy.

Unfortunately, our cat Charlie is ruining hide & go seek in the dark for Daddy. Ever since his 24 hour outdoor adventure, he's been increasingly attached to us. Instead of sleeping next to us on the bed, he sleeps on me. He jumps onto your bed most nights for bedtime books. He's almost never more than a few feet away from us- which is why when we play hide & seek, Charlie likes to play too.

Unfortunately for Daddy, Charlie only likes to find Daddy. When it's Daddy's turn to hide, all we have to do is find Charlie. He's typically sitting a couple feet away, sometimes meowing, letting us know he's already found Daddy.

Poor Daddy. He never wins at hide & go seek anymore. Charlie beats him every time.

I love you so,

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