Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Back...In Our Christmas Jammies 2014

Dear Em,
I'm back! This is the longest break I've taken from this blog in a long time. I planned to start back up last week, but after a two week whirlwind of a holiday celebration in North Carolina, I needed time to just settle. We needed quiet moments & empty spaces.

We had plans for this weekend, but we ditched them all in favor of a weekend spent at home, just the three of us. We finally put all the Christmas decor away, did lots of cleaning & organizing, spent time together, watched some football (oh, the football!), & you went on some amazing adventures with your imagination while you played so sweetly with your toys. We have big plans for 2015, but this weekend it felt nice to just be.

So I will be recapping our beautiful & warm Christmas celebrations & your fun filled birthday celebrations, but first I will just start with our Christmas Jammies. For our family of three we went with red reindeer PJs. They were comfy & cozy flannel, & your nightgown doubled nicely as your traveling outfit for our plane rides to & from NC.

I was so excited about our Bixby Family Christmas Jammies this year, because I worked with an Etsy vendor to have them custom made. Your Nonnie's favorite Christmas movie is Christmas vacation, & sometimes our big holidays all together can be just as comical. Our t-shirts had the emblematic station wagon & Christmas tree from the movie with our family name. You looked so cute in your t-shirt with a pair of grey sweat pants. It's kind of a bonus that they will be perfect to bring back to our big family celebrations year after year.

And with that holiday sneak peek, I promise tomorrow I will be back with more holiday recapping fun.

I love you so,

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