Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Butterfly Birthday Party: The Cake

Dear Em,
This is the final post recapping your Butterfly Birthday Party (finally!). Why not end the fun with a little post about food? I think other than Butterflies, the common theme of this party for me ended up being things not working out exactly how I planned but you loving it all anyways. In keeping with that theme, the food didn't go quite as planned either.

The plan was for Roger Williams Zoo to provide pizza & drinks & ice cream for the party. It was part of the party package & made me happy to know that we wouldn't have to worry about food for the most part. Unfortunately the pizza they provided was burnt. I couldn't even bring myself to eat it...although you did & so did your little guests without much complaints. The party planners completely forgot about the ice cream (they offered to let us take it home but it was a hot day & we didn't have a cooler to store it). Luckily, the drinks were perfect. Ha!

In the absence of everything else, there was cake! We worked with Stop & Shop to create a cupcake birthday cake with your picture on it. It was easy. It was yummy. Everyone was happy. Success!!

I love you so,

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