Monday, September 21, 2015

Embracing Fall

Dear Em,
Our Rhode Island summer was so beautiful this year. After the winter we had, it felt like it took forever for our bodies to defrost, but we had a fantastical warm summer. It was filled with sunshine & precious moments. I'm not at all ready to let it go, but each morning it feels a little chillier. The sun sets a little earlier each day. With the leaves starting to change colors, pumpkin everything everywhere, & the official start to fall only days away, I realized I could head into fall kicking & screaming or I could embrace the beauty that fall brings. So, we headed to the apple orchard.

We've gone to the same orchard almost every year since the year I carried you in my womb. This year we started with a nice one mile nature trail hike. "Mommy, if fairies live anywhere, I'm sure they live here." You floated through the hiking trail, picking up acorns (nuts) & leaves (blankets) for the fairies & leaving them in spots you thought they would find them. It was incredibly cute, & we all enjoyed walking along in the crisp, fall air.

After our short hike, we set out to pick apples. You love baby anything, & in years past you picked the teeny apples more than anything else...which left us with a million apples that are tough to eat or bake with. This year I challenged you to find the biggest, juiciest apples. You & Daddy competed against each other (Daddy declared all of my apples tiny, which basically took me out of the race). It worked like a charm. You searched high & low for the largest apples, & Daddy & I helped you reach the high ones. You had a blast picking perfect eating/baking apples.

We ended up with a bag overflowing with apples. You needed some help picking up the bag.

We returned home for football & yummy, apple baking. You love cooking with me. We made an apple upside down cake (just like Grace does in one of your favorite American Girl movies). I didn't capture any precious baking moments on camera. Just before I brought out the camera, you had an unfortunate incident with the peeler. There were a lot of tears & you were much less of a participant after that. Still, we ended up with a really yummy apple upside down cake (& only minor injuries).

So, bring it, Fall. With tears in my eyes, I'm ready to say farewell to summer & enjoy this new season.

I love you so,

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