Thursday, October 20, 2011

your very own Brutus

J & your mommy rocking our Ohio State
gear & carrying our little loves
Dear Em,
I met my best friend at the University of Rhode Island. I can't say we hit it off right away. It's so amazing & funny how things work out. One day we realized that not only were we both Jersey girls, we grew up only 20 minutes away from each other. Our friendship grew over our 6 hour (sometimes longer during traffic) car-rides back & forth to Jersey. J drove & I fed her candy to keep her happy.

When she left for Ohio State I was both excited to see her follow her dreams of being a vet & crushed that my best friend was moving so far away (I still had another year left as an undergrad). Even far away, our friendship has grown. It's grown with distance & meeting our loves & graduating & getting married & getting pregnant.

Although Ohio State is far far away from Rhode Island, it does have something we don't have in Rhode Island (other than a vet school): an exciting Big Ten football team. Your great grandma was a HUGE Ohio State fan (I loved to bring her souvenirs from my visits with J). So, since URI football is not exactly broadcasted nationally, we've become honorary Ohio State fans. We don't regularly watch the games, & honestly we don't really understand college football (all the bowls & arbitrary rankings...we just don't get it). Basically, we're happy for J & D when Ohio State wins & we enjoy rocking the Ohio State gear that J sends us for holidays. I'm hoping to one day make it to a game. I love love love football, & it would be wicked fun to experience the buzz of such an amazing & big college stadium on game day.

While you didn't get to experience Ohio State on this trip, you did get your favorite Ohio State souvenir, Brutus. You loved Brutus the Buckeye so much, you cried when I took him out of your hands to give him to the cashier to ring him up. Plus, Ohio State won this week. I think you might be an Ohio State goodluck charm. I know great grandma is looking down from heaven with a twinkle in her eyes & a smile on her face.

Isn't J just the cutest pregnant woman ever?
She's so tiny everywhere except her little belly bump.

I hope one day we'll go to an Ohio State, daddy, me, J, D, & their little love. Maybe you'll meet the real Brutus. Wouldn't that be a fun adventure?

I love you so,

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