Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Convos With My 3 Year Old (Part One)

Dear Em,
There's a series of YouTube videos called Convos With My 2 Year Old. They're absolutely hilarious & absolutely relatable for people who interact with small children. Your Daddy & I frequently have conversations with you that would fit right in with the series. Here is one of my recent favorite Convos With My 3 Year Old.

(This conversation that went on while you were sitting on the toilet)
Emma: Mommy, Daddy & Papa have golf clubs. Why don't I have golf clubs? I need golf clubs.
Me: I think we should wait until you're a little bit bigger before we get you golf clubs.
Emma: (very offended) I am big! I'm not little anymore. You just called me a baby. That's not nice.
Me: Actually, I didn't call you a baby.
Emma: Well, you called me that when I was a baby.
Me: You're right. But you were a baby when I called you a baby
Emma: I'm not a baby. I'm a big girl.
Me: That is true, but I think we should wait to get you golf clubs until you are a little taller.
Emma: I AM getting taller. I grow a little more everyday. I'm going to keep growing.
Me: That is true, but I still think we should wait.
Emma: Hey, can you wipe my bum?
Me: If you're a big girl, don't you think big girls can wipe their own bums?
Emma: Well, I'm big enough for golf clubs, but I'm still not big enough to wipe my own bum.


I love you so,

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