Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Newport Aquarium

Dear Em,
Traveling with kids can be tough, especially when the agenda is not geared toward kids. Some of the best trips we've had with you are ones where our hosts introduce us to the kid friendly activities of their area. This trip was so nice because I was able to enjoy time with my best friend while our kids enjoyed fun activities together.

One day we went on a family outing to the aquarium. We loaded up, the six of us, into one car & headed to the Newport Aquarium. I love visiting aquariums, & this one was no exception. It was large & geared toward children. We all had an amazing time.

There were areas to touch crabs & starfish. You wanted none of that, while one year old little T was excited to put his hands right in.

The Newport Aquarium is home to the largest collection of shark rays on display. They have ray shaped heads & shark shaped bodies. We had never seen a shark ray. They were fascinating to see, especially for Daddy who loves sharks.

There was a fun little play area with tunnels & slides for you to climb up & slide down right in the middle of the aquarium. It was perfectly placed, & allowed you to get out some built up energy. You were thrilled & would have played there all day if we had let you. T was a little young to join you, & instead he climbed on frog sculptures & ran around the surrounding area.

The adults & the kids had such an amazing time exploring this kid friendly aquarium. Outside of the aquarium is really nice mall with a view of Cincinnati, an ice cream shop, movie theater, restaurants, & stores. We could have spent the whole day having fun in that one spot. We grabbed some frozen yogurt before heading home. It was the perfect evening for families with littles, & I felt so fortunate we were able to share it with my best friend & her little family.

I love you so,

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