Thursday, June 20, 2013

the missing puzzle piece

Dear Em,
My favorite part about traveling to North Carolina is watching you interact with my family. We only get to visit a couple times a year, & it makes my heart happy to glimpse the special moments you have with each one of them. I come from a family of wise guys. Most of us have a sense of sarcasm that has been passed down through generations. My mom has always been more sensitive, but after being with my dad for over 30 years & raising us kids, she's developed a devious side too. You, my child, fit right in.

At the young age of 3, you already know how to dish it out. I like that, for the most part, you can take it too. I smile as I watch the epic water fights you have with my mom, remembering family water fights of my own growing up. I laughed as you wrapped yourself around Uncle Jared's legs, refusing to let go until he agreed to come to the beach with us.

The best was watching you try to push Papi in the pool. He was sitting on the diving board as he cleaned the sides. You got that determined & devious look in your eyes, with your lips pressed firmly together. I knew you were up to no good. We all laughed as we watched you casually walk over to Papi & turn on him. You pushed with all your might, trying to get him off the diving board & into the chilly water. You pushed & pushed & pushed to no avail. Give it a few years though. Someday you'll be able to get him in. You'll be able to hold your own, & then we better all watch out.

It's amazing for me to watch you with my family, because you just fit. You're like a piece to the puzzle that we didn't even realize was missing until there was you. For better or for worse you are an intricate part of our crazy amazing family. Sometimes that's going to get you into trouble. Sometimes there are going to be fights (like during family board game night), but there's also going to be a lot of fun & a lot of love. There's absolutely no denying that you're one of us. I truly love that, & hope you'll always wear that like a badge of honor.

I love you so,

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