Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Barbie Photo Shoot

Dear Em,
As much as many things have changed since I was your age, it's fun to see you enjoying some of the things I enjoyed when I was young. I remember playing Barbies for hours with my sister, & you love playing Barbies now too. It makes my heart so happy watching you play & seeing your imagination at work.

A couple weeks ago, I walked in to find that you & Nonnie had created our whole family to play with. The girls were all dressed in in the favorite colors of our family members, & the boys...well, you mostly had Disney Prince clothing for the boys so they were interesting looking. It was fun to see our family together as Barbies, & we decided to have a little family Barbie photo shoot to commemorate it all.

On my side of the family we have...
Front Row: (left to right) Nonnie, Papi, Uncle Nick, Aunt Jennie, Daddy, Mommy & Emma
Back Row: (left to right) Uncle Greg, Aunt Gina, & Uncle Jared

On Daddy's side of the family...
(left to right) Papa, Grandma, Mommy, Emma, Daddy, (soon to be Uncle) Lowell, & Aunt Andrea

You had so much fun with it, you wanted to do a photo shoot with your three best girlfriends too.

While wardrobe was a bit of a challenge (Daddy said he especially loved his flowered shirt & pink tie, because that's totally him), the photo shoot went a lot easier than most of our family photo shoots (like this one, these, & especially this one). Maybe we can send out Christmas cards with our Barbie-selves this year? I feel like we're on to something.

I love you so,

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