Thursday, July 18, 2013

Your First (& Second) Double Sleepover

Dear Em,
What's a double sleepover? Your Aunt Andrea has a best friend she grew up with. One night I was sitting at the diningroom table with the two of them. Your Grandma showed us a note she had found from when they were much younger. In the note they listed ten reasons why a double sleepover was a great idea. I guess your Aunt Andrea's best friend had slept over the previous night, & they were hoping for a repeat. It was beyond adorable to see the ten reasons they had thought of & written out as young little girls.

Your daddy says he never got a double sleepover, so I think he is a little jealous that you got your very first one at age 3.5 a few weekends ago. Your very best friend S slept over two nights in a row, & spent three fun-filled, busy days with us.

It all started with a neighborhood parade.

Followed by a fun BBQ with pool swimming.

We left the BBQ pretty late. After a bath, the two of you watched a movie with popcorn until you fell asleep. Scratch that. Little S fell asleep ten minutes into the movie. You were too excited about a sleepover with your best friend to fall asleep, & told me you weren't tired.

The next morning we hit the beach.

After the beach there was another bath, some Dels, barbies, dress-up, & dinner followed by backyard sprinkler, trampoline, & swing-set fun.

Your daddy set off a backyard firework spectacular for you two, Nonnie, & I (Papi even watched with us via skype).

We ended the night with the same movie & popcorn. This time little S made it through a whole half hour of the movie before falling asleep. You surprised us all by actually falling asleep twenty minutes before the end of the movie. I carried you both up to bed, & neither of your stirred at all.

The next day we enjoyed swimming at Grandma & Papa's pool & another BBQ at a friend's house. You two ran in the sprinkler & filled up a whole driveway with chalk drawings.

You spent most of the day looking like a little sleep deprived mini zombie. We weren't surprised when you fell asleep 30 seconds into our drive home.

You slept through me dropping little S off at home. When we pulled into our own driveway, you cried. "Where's S?" you whimpered. We explained that S had to go back to her family. You were devastated, but a little too tired to function. You didn't even put up a fight as we put you to bed.

The next morning you woke up, asked when S was coming over, & announced you were ready for another sleepover. I smiled. Especially as an only child, you truly enjoyed your days of playing with your best friend. You were devastated to be without her, & it broke my heart. I think, to you, your first double sleepover with your very best friend was equivalent to a weekend at Disney World at this point.

Sooooo, being the amazing parents we are (to you at that moment anyways), we decided to do another double sleepover the next weekend...

Little S was dropped off at our house on a Friday night. After some playing we went out for Dels, made our own nachos, & fell asleep to a movie.

The next morning we headed to Southwicks Zoo.

We headed home for a brief rest & some dinner.

Thank goodness for the short rest, because right after we headed to the Warwick Mall for Splash at Jordan's Furniture (so fun & so free!).

Then we headed North to Providence for WaterFire (also fun & free).

We changed the two of you into your jammies before leaving Providence to go home, & it's a good thing we did. I don't think I've seen you so sound asleep since we spent our magical day at Disney. I took you both out of your car seats, brought you into the house, & carried you up to bed without either of you stirring at all.

In the end, I don't know who was more exhausted, the adults or the kids. I do know you & I both went to bed before 7pm on Sunday night. You were in a mini zombie-like state, but you were a happy minizombie. You got to have "the best day ever" 3 days in a row two weekends in a row. You had precious moments with your very best friend, & I know you're both looking forward to the sleepovers & double sleepovers ahead. I hope you two will be friends for always, & one day you will sit at our dining room table & laugh as you remember all of the fun childhood memories you'll share together.

I love you so,

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