Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Superhero Birthday Party: The Venue

Dear Em,
This is the last of 5 post recapping your 3.5 Superhero birthday. For more, see also Superhero Birthday Party: The Theme, Superhero Birthday Party: DIY Superhero Capes, Superhero Birthday Party: Superhero Invites, & Superhero Birthday Party: The Food.

When I look back at your Superhero birthday party, it truly puts a smile in my heart. It all came together perfectly. So it may come as a surprise to you that I had a hard time with the venue. I had a bunch of fun venue ideas that either didn't fit the theme, were repeats of earlier parties you went to, or I thought maybe you & your little friends weren't quite old enough for yet.

That's when I decided on Gymboree: Play & Music (not the clothing store). I figured it would be a good fit for your age & the running, jumping, flying Superhero activities that would go along with the theme. They even have a Superhero party option, with activities designed around the theme. Along with the facility, we would have a party coordinator on the day of to lead the activities. Great, right?

Even with all that I have to say I had a little buyers remorse right after booking the party. I realized that they only allow children up to the age of 5, which excluded some of your older cousins. I also worried it might be a little babyish for you & your friends. I was bummed that we were only allowed to bring in cake & pizza (you don't even like pizza) as food. Parents were also required to participate in activities with the kids, & I worried that some parents would be annoyed by that (birthday parties at this age are a little like having a parent's helper for a couple hours, you still watch your kids from a safe distance but mostly you chat with the other parents while the kids all tire each other out). I also noticed that it was a little more costly than some other venue options. I could think of a million different things that could go wrong, but hoped it would all work out.

Once the party started, I realized I had nothing to worry about it. The kids walked through the front door, ran right to the activties on the gym floor, & had a blast from start to finish. The parents had fun participating with the kids. The Superhero theme was worked in perfectly, & the party coordinator was great! Everyone had such a blast, especially you.

You climbed, jumped, & flew like a Superhero.

You & your Superhero friends had so much fun with the giant parachute.

There were things to roll on.

You were excited to sit down for singing songs & playing instruments.

You found so many fun things to explore.

On top of the parachute was the perfect place to eat birthday cake.

It was wicked fun for me to share in all the fun with you.

They even got all the littles together for Superhero birthday pictures (which wasn't easy).

As a party came to a close, they gave all your little guests balloons to go home with (with a big birthday balloon bouquet for you), & everyone left with big smiles on their faces. You looked at me with bright, big, green eyes. "Mom, this was the best birthday party ever," you exclaimed as you watched your little friends walk out the door. It was the very highest compliment I could've gotten at that moment.

It does set the bar kinda high for next year, but I already have a few fun ideas. *wink wink*

I love you so,

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