Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Superhero Birthday Party: Superhero Invites

From Purple Possum.

Dear Em,
Up until now, I've made all of our party invitations (here, here, & here), but when I saw how cute some of the Etsy invites were last year I decided to go an easier route this time around. I went online to Etsy, typed in "Superhero birthday invites" in the search bar, & found so many cute and affordable options.

I ended up going with an invite from Purple Possum. The invites were more cute than specific to actual vintage SuperHeros, which is more your style. It was less than $10 for them to design your invite & email me the file. I liked that because emailing the file is quicker than waiting for invites to be mailed to us & this way we could print as many as we needed for the same price. Emily at Purple Possum was so great! She changed the color, wording, & formatting options. Plus, she created the invite file super quick. In less than a week, I had the file sent to me & could print & send out your invites.

So easy, so cute, so original. It's my favorite when that happens. I will definitely be using Etsy for my invite needs in the future.

I love you so,

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