Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Etsy It Up

Dear Em,
We recently got the cutest wedding invitation in the mail. Seriously, I haven't "awwwed" over an invitation in a long time. They were personal & original & amazing.

The couple's wedding reception is on the beach in Newport & will include a yummy lobster bake. The invitations captured the feel of their reception so well. They were covered in beachy, blue stripes & red lobsters. The reply card was actually a postcard, & I wished I could keep it instead of using it to reply.

I gushed to the bride-to-be about how much I loved the invites, & she told me she ordered them on Etsy.


How did I not know vendors on Etsy did invites?

Once I learned this, I started perusing the options myself. There are invitations for all different themes & kinds of occasions. Most of them are pretty reasonably priced. Why did I not know this before I started designing your birthday party invitations?

I looked at bridal shower invitations, just for fun. I was overwhelmed by talent & creativity at a great price.

This one calls to the beachbum in me.

From here.

How freakin' fun is this one? Sign me up for that shower.

From here.

This one looks like a boarding pass to wedding shower fun & amazingness. Can someone send me an invite that looks like this?

From here.

Your daddy just threw me a wine tasting birthday party. He created such a witty & cute facebook invite. It was not done with ease. Your daddy is not very facebook savvy. I loved the invite he created, but this would've been awfully fun too.

From here.

I always thought the event inspired the invitations, but it just might be the other way around when it comes to Etsy. These invitations have a way of making me want to schedule an event just so I can use their invites. Or maybe scrap your birthday invites that I just spent forever on...except that I just spent forever on them. 

Sigh. I wish I was as cool as Etsy.

I love you so,

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