Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Surprise

Dear Em,
We have a lot of favorite things, but happy mail & fashion are certainly up there for both of us. Yesterday we got both. My friend Allison, of The Marvelous Adventures of the Meehan Boys,  recently moved out of state. She has two sons, whom you adore. Her son, Jack, has always been so adorable & gentle with you. He was actually the very first boy you tried to open mouth kiss (Daddy was not happy).

Since they moved, we've kept in touch through fun things sent in the mail, facebook, & our blogs. It's so fun to see what they've been up to since they moved so far away.

Allison has become so crafty with her sewing machine lately, but has no girls to make fun things for. I am a disaster with the sewing machine, at least I was when I tried to make a dress in high school. My mom basically remade the whole thing, & I've stayed far away from sewing machines since.

So, when we got Allison's sweet note & adorable handmade dress for you yesterday, it put a smile in both our hearts. You wanted to try it on right away, & we had to wrestle it off you to put you in the bath. We promised you could wear it today so you would finally yield.

Thanks a million, Allison!

Pretty stinkin' cute, right?! We're so lucky to have amazing, sweet, & crafty friends. We're also lucky to have blogging to help us keep in touch.

I love you so,

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