Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Baby to Bride

Dear Em,
Bridal showers can be beautiful, but they can also be awkward. Getting all the women in your life together in one room can be amazing but also a little weird. You're bound to invite one special lady who doesn't know any of the other ladies in the room. You're bound to be that special lady at some point at someone's shower. What can help to break the ice? Photographs (of course I'm going to say that).

One of my favorite parts of my own bridal shower was the Baby to Bride board my bridal party made me. It included pictures of me from the day I was born up until that day. There were family photographs, awkward high school photographs, photographs from when your daddy & I met, & photographs of special moments with friends. It was kind of like looking at my very own history & was so precious to me.

While it was special to me, it also served as an ice breaker. All of the women who had gathered for my bridal shower were able to see through pictures how I knew many of the people at the shower & some of the special times I shared with them. The pictures started conversation & laughter & reminiscing.

I was so excited to make a Baby to Bride board for Erin's bridal shower. Erin is such a beautiful person with so many friends & family. Getting pictures was not a problem, I had more than enough. I struggled to find poster board large enough to fit them all. Luckily, A.C. Moore's large canvases were on sale. I bought their largest one for around $10.

I used scrap booking paper & alphabet stencils I already had to make the letters. I printed the photos & then cut them down so I could fit more. After that, I glued away (originally I wanted to use pins so the photos could be easily removed & the canvas reused, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without the pins poking out the back).

The Baby to Bride board was a big hit. Here's the Bride with the board & her cake (you can even see the overfilled wishing well on the left).

The Groom stopped by & checked out the board with his mom.

Sigh, I can't even imagine what your baby to bride board may look like someday. I'm sure we'll have plenty of pictures.

Next week, we'll talk about the good stuff: Gifts!

I love you so,

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