Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nutella: We don't care if it's not a healthy breakfast food

Dear Em,
A while ago I read an article about a woman who is suing Nutella, claiming their commercials led her to believe that Nutella on toast was a healthy breakfast option for her children. Um, does this woman not know how to read? Has she never heard of nutrition facts being on food labels?

I was telling your Daddy about how rediculous I thought the whole thing was, & he replied, "mmm, Nutella. We should get some of that." Luckily, soon after I found a recipe that called for Nutella on one of my favorite easy recipe blogs, The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife.

We love breakfast food & knowingly could care less that Nutella is not a healthy breakfast option. Your daddy's Nutella French Toast was yummy amazing.

Haley from Life is Sweet has such a fun blog. I love reading to hear about the fun things she & her family are up to. I loved the blog even more when I read on this blog post about her Nutella Milkshakes. Yup, pretty much instant milkshake craving. Like it was only 9am, but I still HAD to have a Nutella milkshake. We were in luck the rest of our Nutella was still sitting in our pantry. We had almost all the ingredients, all we needed were hazelnuts.

Technically, it wasn't breakfast. You had already had oatmeal & I had yogurt. Let's call it a mid-morning snack.

I took out the vanilla bean ice cream & put it on the counter to soften. Then I asked you to guard the ice cream from Daddy while I went upstairs to get the recipe. When I got downstairs, you were both digging in to the ice cream. With a cute little smirk on your face, you told me Daddy cheated. "You can have some too, Mommy," you sweetly said.

Making the milkshakes was a fun family event. I chopped the hazelnuts, Daddy melted the Nutella, you scooped the ice cream. MMMMM, my mouth waters just thinking about it. These are my favorite milkshakes ever.

You had only a few sips of your milkshake. After that, you didn't really want anymore, but you also didn't want Daddy to have any of yours either. I think it's because you had filled up on 1/4 of a gallon of ice cream. I may have snuck a few sips. Seriously, best milkshake ever.

So thank you, Nutella. You may not be a healthy breakfast option, but you sure are yummy. And a treat every once in a while sure hits the spot.

I love you so,

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