Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Basket of Candles

Dear Em,
On the day of my wedding shower I was given one of the most precious gifts I've ever been given. My best friend, your Auntie Jayme, gave me a basket of candles. But, it wasn't just any basket of candles.

Jayme had beautifully decorated the basket with white flowers & leaves. Inside was nine sets of candles, two beautiful candle holders,  & a roll of paper. When I opened the roll, I read aloud a sweet poem to the many ladies at my shower.

"A basket of candles
That come in a pair,
Of all different colors
For you two to share.

The white ones burn first
They're wrapped in white lace,
To celebrate the first night
In your new chosen place.

The mauve pair is shorter
But not any thinner,
To burn when serving
Your first company dinner.

There are candles to burn
Xmas Eve before bed,
Your first Xmas together
That's why they are red.

The navy blue candles are for your
First married fight.
Use them when making up
That very night.

The pink candles will set the mood
And pave the way,
For your very first married
Valentine's Day.

Now when your first year of
Marriage is through,
The cream anniversary candles
Will light for you two.

And sooner or later
We hope that maybe,
You will burn the yellow ones
For the birth of your baby.

And just when you thought
You could put them away,
Take the light blue ones out
For your 5th Anniversary Day.

Now just one pair left
For year 25,
The silver pair
To keep your love alive.

May the two of you be happy
Burn the candles just as I said,
But please don't forget-
Blow them out before bed."

As I read the words, pictures of our future together raced through my head. I thought about excited Christmas mornings we would have sitting next to a lit up tree. I thought about rewatching our wedding video as we celebrated another year of love. I thought about passionate fights & make-up snuggles. I thought about the very first glimpse we would have of our newborn child. I thought about all of these possible future moments & couldn't wait to have them with your daddy.

Now we store all of our candles in my precious basket. So many of these blissful moments have already passed us by, & we burned a pair of candles to celebrate the beauty of it all. Now I enjoy giving this special gift to new brides, in hopes their candles burn during special moments (it's not exactly easy to find the same candles in all those colors).

Do you know what my very favorite candle to burn was? The yellow one of course.

I love you so,

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