Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I didn't think I would hear until you were older

Dear Em,
There are some days when I have to do a double take. The kind of double take you do when you can't believe your child just said that to you. I mean, are you 2 or 22?

For instance...

"I'm going shopping. I love you so. Have a great day."

You typically say this with a purse strapped over your shoulder & babies loaded in your shopping cart. You turn your head back & wave bye as you walk away...into the next room. Sometimes you ask Daddy if he wants to go shopping with you. You clearly haven't figured out his strong dislike for anything that involves a store or buying things (except for maybe Best Buy or a Sports Paraphanalia store).

"I'm married!"

This is what you say every time you put a ring on. It started because I accidentally scratched you with my engagement ring. There were some alligator tears, & I told you the story of how & why I got the ring to distract you. The talk went something like this, "Your daddy bought me this ring & told me he loved me very much. He asked me if I would marry him & stay with him always. I love him very much. So, I said yes, & he gave me this ring." You did a lot of "oooing" & "awwing." Now when you see a ring, you triumphantly put it on & exclaimed that you're married. When I ask you who you married, typically you say it's me. I've tried to tell you that you can only marry one person, but you don't care about that trivial detail. For now, it's fun to watch your daddy cringe every time you happily tell him you're married (he doesn't even want you to date until you're 30).

"I want to go on an adventure of my own."

I'm pretty sure we have Alpha Pig (from Super Why) to thank for this one. There was a Super Why episode where pig wanted to go on his own adventure. Since then, you've been packing up your things & asking to adventure on your own. Too bad for you we don't even let you play in the backyard without parental supervision.

"You don't trust me."

I think this is because Mother Gothel says "trust me, pet" in the movie Tangled. In any case, this phrase is hilarious for two reasons
1) This is exactly the thing I said to my parents...when I was 16.
B) You have absolutely no idea what it means. When we ask you to try your broccoli, you will firmly exclaim "you don't trust me!"

"I'm running away."

I have no idea where you picked this one up, but it breaks my heart a little when you say it. I mean, you're a little melodramatic so we're trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility of you in your teen years slamming the door in our face & then yelling this behind a closed door. For now, it only breaks my heart a little. Usually, you start running & then look back with a little smile on your face to see if we're running after you. I hope wherever you run, you always come back.

I love you so,

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