Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rainbow Writing (Part Two)

Dear Em,
I felt like we were a little behind when it came to your writing, & then I heard about rainbow writing. Remember how excited I was to work on a different letter each week? I think it is safe to say that I was way more excited about it than you. In fact, we got to the B's & you were so frustrated with it that we kinda just stopped there.

Since you probably need to know how to write more than just the letter A & B to one day be a functioning person in society (& make it past kindergarten), I wracked my brain as to how we were going to move forward with your writing. Why did you hate it so much? Was it the whole sitting down while you work thing? Were you frustrated because you didn't get it immediately. Were you just irritable because you had ear infection after ear infection & you didn't want to do anything? We took a break for a few months, & I tried to think of a different approach.

I realized that writing the same letter over & over was boring to you. You didn't understand the point. So, I suggested we write some words, & told you that you could pick whatever work you wanted. Of course you chose the word "PRINCESS." You were excited to learn to write one of your very favorite words (& your current career goal). So, I wrote the word in all capitals & then all lower case. We sounded out each letter as I wrote it in yellow. Then you went to work tracing each letter in multiple colors.

I couldn't believe how excited you were to write. It's so funny how changing the task just a little made a big difference for you. You couldn't wait to learn to write all of your favorite words. The next word you chose was your best friend's name, & you were ecstatic to give her the finished paper afterwards. You beamed with pride. I think I beamed with pride too.

Now we're working on a new word each day. We're going through the alphabet, asking you to choose a word that starts with a different letter. So far, you've written APPLE, BEAUTIFUL, & CRAYON. After you trace each letter in multiple colors, you try to write the word on your own underneath. A big smile covers your face as you show your daddy the finished piece.

You're learning & growing so very fast, my little one. Too soon you'll be writing letters & reading books, & I'm going to smiling thinking back to your very first rainbow letters.

I love you so,

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