Thursday, September 19, 2013

girls date night

Dear Em,
Daddy had a busy but fun week last week, leaving us to fend for ourselves a bunch. Rather than let Daddy have all the fun, I asked you if you wanted to have a girls date night with me. You enthusiastically agreed & picked Duck & Bunny as our date night spot (we've come a long way from McDonalds).

You chose to sit outside (good choice!) & we explored the quaint little garden. We rubbed & smelled the lavender & mint leaves. You ooohed over the flowers & sparkly garden decor.  We played Old Maid & you sipped gulped down chocolate milk while we waited for our yummy crepes. After we filled up on our entrees, you were thrilled to order a purple lavender & honey cupcake.

The sun was setting as we drove home. "Ok, so now we will go to the park, swing on swings, jump on the trampoline, go out for ice cream, do a kiwi crate..." You seemed to have an endless list of activities planned for us. I apologetically explained that it was getting late & we would have to head home for books & bed. "But we're on a date," you sighed. "There are so many more things we have to do for our date." I smiled. I think your idea of a date is doing all- & I mean all- of your very favorite things all at once (you're setting some pretty high expectations for when you're ready for dating).

You settled for extra books. You read me two BOB books before I read three books from your book shelf.

You know what? It just might have been the perfect date.

I love you so,

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