Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer Dinners with Friends

Dear Em,
There's been a chill in the air each morning when we wake up, & I've layered you with pants & sweaters for the first time in a long time. Then, true to New England & it's inability to make up it's mind weather-wise, today we woke up with a warm, mugginess in the air. It almost feels like summer again. We had such a gorgeous summer this year, & we tried to soak up as much outside time as possible. In fact, even our Thursday night dinners with friends were centered around fun, outdoor, summery things to do. They were some of my favorites yet.

Ok, so our first summer dinner wasn't outside, but it was really fun. Sometimes when I'm with some of my best friends, I feel like we haven't really grown up at all. Dave & Busters is perfect for us, because we were free to truly be kids. The food was good, but the fun that followed was better. My favorite after dinner activities were air hockey & skee ball (we used the tickets we had won to get a little Hello Kitty stuffed animal to bring home to you).

Later in the summer, we all met at our alma mater, URI. I love URI in the summer, because the campus is mostly empty & quiet. We're free to roam & let you explore without dodging college students (or feeling old). I thought what better a place to meet for a fun dinner than where we first met our great group of friends? This time we included our kids, & it was fun to see how our families have grown.

We picked up dinner at the URI Emporium. You got Orange Leaf frozen yogurt (the Emporium has come a long way since I was there for school). I got falafel. We were all happy. We ate our food picnic style on the quad. After we ate, we all played frisbee, tossed a football, played wifelball/tball, and ended the night with a hilarious game of kickball.

Our last summer dinner was in Narragansett at a perfect outdoor spot, Monahans. You got to come along again. It was a small group this time, but we enjoyed each others company as we ate oceanside. After filling up on seafood, we went for a walk on the wall followed by a terrific performance at the gazebo.

Sigh, it makes my heart so happy that we are able to have fun with some of our favorite people, & this summer we were able to do it in some of my favorite spots. No matter how crazy life is, when we get together there's no shortage of laughter. I'm going to miss our summer dinners & adventures with friends, but I'm looking forward to the time we'll share with friends in the fall & winter...even if it will be indoors.

Can you tell I'm more of a summer gal?

I love you so,

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