Friday, September 20, 2013

love letters

Dear Em,
"I need a word so I can say what I'm feeling today
I need a word so I can say how I feel
I need a word that will say what I'm meaning to say
And tell you the way that I'm feeling..."
- Dave Matthews on Sesame Street

When you started school this year, your teachers asked us what our goals are for this year. Topping that list is finding ways to appropriately express yourself without throwing tantrums/turning into a mini terrorist/going on a scary rampage (sitting still for longer than five seconds is number two on the list). We've been working on you using your words to express your feelings. I feel like I say "Em, that is not how we communicate" on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong. We've come a long way. I feel like we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tantruming threes tunnel. Still, you are three, & learning how to express your feelings is something that we're working on. 

Imagine how happy my heart was when two of our favorites, Dave Matthews & Sesame Street, came together to sing a song about feelings. There is a banjo, a sweet melody, & an amazing message. I feel like music has played such a major role in how you learn. You were preciously singing your ABCs before you were 18 months old. So, I love that you can listen to an amazing song about using your words, rather than just listening to Daddy & I nag about it. I feel like it puts such a positive light on what has been an incredibly frustrating subject.

We're pretty much going to be YouTubing this on repeat.

I love you so,

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