Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Broadway

Dear Em,
When I was 13 or 14, I went to my very first Broadway musical as part of an 8th grade field trip. We went to see Les Miserables in NYC, & the show gave me goosebumps. It gave me more than goosebumps. I full on sobbed at the ending (I'm pretty sure my friends pointed & laughed). As if that wasn't annoying enough to all the people around me, I was also one of those obnoxious people who sang along with every song (I had memorized them all when we had performed the songs in 7th grade choir & I had watched the PBS special more times than I can count). I didn't care.

I fell in love with Broadway that day. I fell for the costumes & detailed scenery, lights & bustle of people, singing & dramatic flair. I loved it all. I caught the Broadway Bug that day.

I've never quite lost the (on & off) Broadway Bug. Since then I've been fortunate to enjoy shows like Phantom of the Opera, Rent, a sweet rendition of Little Women (Daddy surprised me with tickets because he knew I reread the book every summer), The Producers, Wicked, & Million Dollar Quartet. I may have gone to see Les Miserables again too (It's still my very favorite).

A couple weekends ago, your Daddy took me to see Once in Boston. While it didn't have some of the dramatic scene & costumes changes some of the others have had, the music gave me chills. It was touching & passionate & fun (I mean, the set had a working bar, & you could actually go onstage during intermission to buy drinks). It was so amazing, I sat on the edge of my seat the entire show. I don't think I stopped smiling for hours after as I hummed the tunes, reliving some of my favorite melodies.

It made me think of you & taking you to your first musical. You love music. After watching Disney's latest movie, Frozen, you were obsessed. We listened to the music on YouTube so much, I finally downloaded the soundtrack (this was after poor Daddy had to listen to Let It Go on repeat all the way to school). You know every word of every song, & sing along with infinite cuteness.

As I watch you, I can't help but hope & pray it's a sign that you will someday catch the Broadway Bug too- that you will be my little Broadway buddy. I know, I KNOW you're too young to take to Broadway right now (although I may have been insane enough to consider it for a second or two). But, a girl can dream, right? It would be a win-win for Daddy & I both. I would have a buddy to share my love of musicals, he would no longer have to be the buddy I drag with me to musicals (although, he's enjoyed a bunch too).

I'm thinking about checking out the high school musicals scheduled in our area this spring & maybe getting the two of us tickets to one of them. I have dreams of smiles & excitement & a perfect Mommy-Daughter afternoon. Although, I will likely be kicking myself for dreaming a little too early, just like I did with The Nutcracker on Ice.

Sigh, won't you be my Broadway Buddy? And soon?

I love you so,

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