Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas PJs 2013

Dear Em,
There was a funny family YouTube video that came out this holiday season. My family watched it & then hoped I hadn't seen it & wouldn't know anything about it. "Don't give Julie any ideas," may have been said.

I saw it, laughed, & thought it was fabulous, but no ideas were put in my head. I love my family, & I'm so very thankful that they've come to love accept the family Christmas Jammies that they will be gifted & wear from me every year (2012, 2012 gone wrong2011, & all the years before). I also know that there is no chance of getting them to perform a choreographed song in their Christmas Jammies. I would be locked outside by myself in my Christmas Jammies.

We may not have had a song or dance, but I thought our Christmas Jammies were so freaking fun this year. For the three of us, you picked out owl PJs from a catalogue. You were excited because you had studied owls in school, & it was fun how they went along with our owl ornaments.

We went with t-shirts & sweatpants for our family Christmas in North Carolina this year. Long sleeved PJs are just too warm down there (last year my parents had to turn the air conditioning on). I was super excited to share our Boston pride down in NC. I purchased the RedSox World Series Champion edition Boston Strong tshirts. Proceeds went to the Stay Strong Boston Foundation. I loved the idea of supporting a cause so near & dear to our hearts while also celebrating the RedSox World Series victory. I loved how comfy I was as we celebrated Christmas with my family, & I'm looking forward to wearing the shirt for years to come.

I may have thought I rocked it in the Christmas Jammie department this year, but it turns out neither of my choices were your Christmas Jammie favorite. You were gifted a pair of Hello Kitty PJs to match your very best friend. I think they are your favorite PJs in the whole world, the Hello Kitty print being made only sweeter by the fact that you get to share them with your best friend.

I'm hoping that Hello Kitty PJs don't come in adult sizes, otherwise my family may be seeing some Hello Kitty Christmas Jammies in their futures...just kidding...kinda.

I love you so,



  2. Ha! I didn't realize the family was from NC


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