Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Is...(2014 Edition)

Dear Em,
Christmas Eve is...

This holiday season has thrown us for a little of a loop. You started our Christmas Eve home sick with an ear infection & strep throat. Instead of going to the pet store with Daddy to pick out gifts for the cats, Daddy went to the store & face timed you while he was there so you could help him make fun choices. A second electrician came to our house to look at our power outage situation, & after two hours we were able to say that we had stumped two electricians. Having the electrician there kind of threw our whole schedule off. I asked Daddy to pick up premade cookie dough from the store, because there was no way I would have time to make our really yummy cookies in time for you to leave them for Santa. We quickly sat down to eat dinner together before...

* Face timing & Opening Gifts with Dear Friends *

* Opening One Gift & Putting our Christmas Jammies On *

* "Baking" & Leaving Cookies & Milk for Santa & Veggie Sticks (we forgot to buy carrots) for Rudolph *

* Snuggling Together & Reading Christmas Classics Before Tucking Our Little All Snug in Her Bed *

* Getting to Work as Santa's Elves *

* Hanging the Stockings With Care *

* Leaving Notes from Santa *

* Saying Goodbye to Elfie Until Next Year (he stole a few snacks for the road) *

* And Drifting to Sleep on a Silent Night *

I love you so,

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