Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Starry Light Centerpiece

Dear Em,
I LOVE the holiday season. I love the gatherings with family & friends. I love the music. I love the decorations. Of all the holiday decor, I think the lights that are my favorite. They bring a twinkle & warmth that I miss the rest of the year.

I saw a picture that inspired me to up our game light-wise this holiday season.

From here.
When I first saw this picture, we weren't even sure where we would put our Christmas tree. We've always put it in the living room, but a tree was no longer going to fit in the same place with the configuration of our new furniture. I just couldn't imagine our kitchen & living room without Christmas lights. I decided I could recreate this picture (the centerpiece at least, the chandelier wasn't going to happen), & it was going to make my heart happy throughout the holiday season.

I bought a set of battery operated candles with a timer function. Then I  & ordered starry string lights that were also battery operated with a timer. Next, I headed back to Michaels to look for greenery. I wanted something simple & natural. While I was at Michaels, I picked up a few more odds & ends. I really shouldn't be allowed in craft stores with a credit card.

I started just playing around with the greenery first. I cut off the long stems & wove the branches together. I tried to use a glue gun to make it stay exactly the way I wanted, but it was hard to do without a backing (which I didn't want). Without glue to keep everything permanently in place, the greenery looked a little imperfect, which enhanced the natural look. 

After I had the greenery mostly the way I wanted, I started to weave in the starry lights. While I love not having to plug in the starry lights, the battery pack was going to be a little tricky to hide in my centerpiece. I placed it in the middle, under the thickest area of greenery.

I placed a tall candle on top of the battery pack, put two more candles on the sides, & wrapped a vine of berries around each candle. While not exactly the same as the original photo, I love our natural & festive centerpiece.

It makes my heart so happy when the lights twinkle on each evening (all by themselves).

I added a champagne sequined table runner underneath the centerpiece. We ended up fitting our Christmas tree in the dining room, which means there is sparkle & shine throughout our living/dining area. It's all pretty much my favorite. I'm going to be so sad to take it all down in January.

We might have to leave our twinkling centerpiece out...you know, until it's summertime again.

I love you so,

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