Monday, December 8, 2014

Sharing Christmas Classics

Dear Em,
The holidays can be so busy. Who am I kidding? Any time of year can be busy for us (with me being the constant over extender of the family), but the holidays bring it to a whole new level. Typically, I start to feel a little burnt out with all the holiday festivities we squeeze in. This year has felt a little different so far. I think that's because we've made time for Christmas movies. Last week we snuggled together each night, just the three of us, to watch & relax to & enjoy Christmas movies.

We have a small collection of holiday movies, but in November I also set our DVR to record a ton of others (we've also been able to use On Demand for some I have missed). Since you watch non-cartoon movies now, it's really allowed Daddy & I enjoy the Christmas favorites we haven't seen in quite a while. Except these viewings are a little bit sweeter, because we're also watching you watch them for the first time. To see your eyes light up- to see you get excited & yell "I believe, Santa. I believe!" Sigh. It's one of the most precious holiday moments that I'm so unbelievably grateful to share with you.

Trying to fit in a 2-3 hour movie is pretty impossible on a week night, but many of the programs are one hour specials. Most of the claymation movies are an hour long, & I have been surprised by how many claymation movies there are. Daddy & I love sharing them with you, because we feel like we're sharing pieces of our own childhood with yours. For longer holiday specials, sometimes we just watch the first half of a movie & save the rest for the next day. This is how we've begun to enjoy some of my holiday favorites for the first time: Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, & Home Alone (I've been told that a Christmas movie can't be called a classic until it is 25 years old, which makes Home Alone one year away from classic status).

I know it's just TV. I know I'm supposed to be about less TV time for you. The things is, we spend so much of this season doing things. We are constantly running around. We bake & make crafts & decorate & go to events. We fill ourselves up with so many busy things, that sometimes I feel too busy to enjoy them. Sitting down together, snuggling in, & sharing these Christmas classics at the end of the day is exactly what we need. And it's starting to become on of my favorite things about this season.

I love you so,

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