Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our First Kayaking Adventure of 2015

Dear Em,
Temperatures were in the 70s on Saturday, & we were all thrilled. You dressed yourself in a bathing suit & sunhat. I thought you were kind of jumping the gun with the bathing suit, but I was also ready to enjoy the day outdoors. We loaded our kayaks onto our car & headed to Ninigret Park for our first kayaking adventure of the season.

We've been to Ninigret Park so many times for the Seafood Festival, playground, your soccer games, frisbee golf & outdoor movies. Little did I know, there is still so much more to the park. There is also a nature trail & salt water boating area.

It was a gorgeous day, & the sun's rays sparkled on the water. The currents were strong, but I loved that we could hear the crash of the ocean waves most of the time we kayaked. You took pictures while we explored rocks, shells, sea creatures, & even people clamming.

I had thought it was a little premature to be donning our bathing suits, but it ended up being perfect that you had put yours on. There were many shallow spots where you could jump out of the kayak & go exploring. This is exactly what you need, because you can get a little bit antsy from sitting in the kayak for too long with so many exciting things around you.

It was a beautiful start to our kayaking season. I'm looking fun to exploring many more kayaking spots with you & Daddy this year.

I love you so,

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