Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Egg hunting at the zoo...even when there is snow

Dear Em,
We woke up Sunday morning to find snow covering the ground...again. I tried my best to grin & bear it. I wasn't going to let the snow ruin our plans. This winter had cooped us up inside for long enough. So, we bundled up & headed outside for an outdoor egg hunt at the zoo.

Yup, you read that right, a snowy & cold, outdoor egg hunt. "Mom, I think it's supposed to be Spring, but it's still winter. It feels like winter is the longest." You're absolutely right, Em. In New England we seem to still have winter even when it's Spring. So we make the best of it, head to our local zoo, & have a blast in spite of it all (we also enjoyed Easter at the zoo in 20132014).

You were surprised & thrilled when your best friend Savanna & her family joined us at the zoo. The two of you looked so unbelievably grown up & beautiful in your dresses.

Luckily, the Easter Bunny was indoors this year, & we were able to take off your winter coat for Easter pictures. After you & Savanna took photos with Mr. E Bunny, there were also real bunnies to look at.

We changed you into comfier clothes & back into your winter gear before letting you loose to play in the Big Backyard for a little while before the egg hunt began. The Easter Egg hunt at Roger Williams Zoo is a popular one for kids & families in the area, but I love that since it's spread out throughout the zoo, it doesn't get too crowded (& it helps if you start early). 

Once we had our sheet of clues, we read them aloud to you & Savanna. You two are so bright & excitedly guessed the animals that matched the clues. While we walked to where the clues led, there were so many fun activities along the way. There were photos opportunities with fun characters, games to play, crafts to do, hula hooping, & dance parties.

When you had found the last clue, you collected your prize: a packet of flower seeds to grow. You were so happy to have been able to share the fun morning with dear friends. I was thrilled to have spent the morning in fresh air. I was so thankful to the zoo for giving us an excuse to head outside in spite of the weather & fill our morning with such fun activities. Daddy...well, Daddy was really hungry for lunch. Ha!

I love our Rhode Island traditions...even if sometimes they take place in the snow.

I love you so,

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