Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Girls Day

Dear Em,
On Saturday you & I shared a precious day, just the two of us. We started the day getting ready for your dance photo shoot. I used the curling iron to curl your pony tail. We applied lipstick, blush, & eye make-up to your little, girl face. You loved being able to wear make-up just like Mommy.

It was almost lunchtime by the time you finished your dance photo shoot. Luckily, one of our favorite spots was close by. We ate a packed lunch by the water in Watch Hill. It was a cool day, but it was sunny. We were both happy to be outdoors.

Watch Hill has so many cute shops. You wanted to go to every single one. Most of the stores had women's clothing & home decor, but you still enjoyed just browsing the racks & shelves. You told almost every shop owner that you & I were having a "girls day. Daddy is not allowed, because he is a boy...& he is at the RedSox game." The shop owners smiled, delighted by you & your openess. One of the women even gave you a frog made out of rocks & shells.

Once we had stopped in every shop (& you made sure we had stopped in every single one that was open...I do love my little shopping buddy), we headed over the giant dune & to the beach. It was still on the chilly side, & I was glad you never dared to venture too close to the water. Instead, you danced around, wrote little notes in the sand, & looked for shells.

You came running over to me, eyes wide & a big smile plastered on your face. You had found a pretty piece of green sea glass. I had never actually found sea glass on the beach myself. It became a hunt for treasure after that for both of us. We filled a bag with sea glass & shells, & we talked about art projects that we could make with them.

We had walked that beach with Daddy many times, never going more than halfway. Saturday was the day we walked all the way to the end. There, we found tons of giant rocks. You explored & climbed from rock to rock while I snapped pictures of my amazing & strong little girl.

Tired from all of our Watch Hill walking, we headed to the craft store to pick up supplies for our beachy art project ideas. You slept most of the way. Your cheeks were rosy with fresh air, & I couldn't help but smile as I stole glimpses of you in the rear view mirror.

Our last stop before heading home was Newport Creamery. There we picked up a couple Awful Awfuls. "These really are awful big & awful good, Mom." You had oreo Awful Awful all over your face. I'm not sure how you got it on your forehead, but you did. Your eyes were bright, & you were smiling from ear to ear.

When we got home, I cleaned off our pretty shells & sea glass. I can't believe how much beautiful sea glass we found. I'm so excited about the things we will make from the things that we found on our beautiful adventure.

I know there may come a time where hanging out with your friends might seem a little more fun & exciting than spending time with Daddy & I. So, I am going to savor these moments, moments where having a girls day with your mom is one of the most special kinds of days. 

Thank you so much for Saturday. Thank you for being so excited to spend a girls day with your mom. Thank you for bringing the smiles, the shopping, the "ooohs," & the "ahhhhhs." Thank you for finding the treasures & adventure & for walking along with me & holding my hand. Thank you for all the times you celebrated & all the times we talked. Thank you ever so much for being my girl.

I love you so,

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