Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Butterfly Birthday Party: The Theme

Dear Em,
Last weekend we hosted your 5.5 birthday party with your little friends & cousins. Over the next few weeks, I'll recap the fun (& craziness). First, we'll start with the theme. The theme really ties into the venue (which I'll be recapping later), but ultimately it we gave you the choice for themes this year. You chose...


When you & I exercise together, your very favorite part is when we do our butterfly stretches. You ask me what kind of butterfly I am & then tell me what kind you are. Then you pretend that a butterfly catcher is approaching & flap your little legs as fast as you can to fly into a tree. It's kind of adorable & makes my exercise routines so very precious.

For the purposes of your party, you wanted to be a sparkly, purple butterfly. It wasn't exactly the most gender neutral party theme, but it was totally you. I was determined to make it work for you & all of your little friends. Butterfly Birthday Party...or bust!

I love you so,

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