Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dance Recital 2015

Dear Em,
After 2 weeks of vacation, we're still transitioning back into reality. I plan to post about mine & Daddy's European adventure & your fantastic visit with Grandma & Papa. Today, however, I want to post about an event that we made it home just in time to celebrate: your dance recital.

This was your second year of dance, & you love it. In fact, this year you took a longer dance class & had two dances to perform in the recital. You turned five just in time that you could share the same dance class as your best friend, S. Girls being girls, sometimes the two of you would tumble out of your class in tears, but mostly you loved sharing your love of dance with the girl you love most in the world.

Still on Mediterranean time, I had woken up at 3am the day of your dance recital. I prayed I would be able to be alert & present for your special day. You were so excited to get all dressed up for your special event. I curled your hair before putting it up in a pony tail.

"Mom, we have to wear eye make-up, blush, & lipstick," you excitedly announced. Putting make-up on children is not a strength of mine, & yet I thought it would be a good idea to go one step further this year & add eyeliner. As it turns out, that was a very bad idea. It smudged everywhere & you looked like more of a zombie than a dancer. We basically had to wash everything off & start over. There were a few tears & a lot of frustration. "Mom, Miss Andrea actually said we only have to put on eye make-up, blush, & lipstick if we want to. We don't have to," you whimpered. The thrill of wearing make-up had obviously faded away for you.

We finished getting you ready just in time, but I had to squeeze in a few photos- knowing if we didn't capture them in that moment, we never would. Daddy is used to my tardiness & made me a sandwich, got as much packed into the car as he could, & didn't look too aggravated that I was running late...again.

I brought you to the room where you & your class would wait & got a little choked up seeing my ballerina with all of the other ballerinas. How had a year passed so quickly? How were we already at your second dance recital? How is it that my ballerina is growing up so quickly?

I blinked back tears, gave you kisses & hugs, & told you to do your best & have fun. I was already so incredibly proud of you, my beautiful ballerina. Then I left you to take my seat in the audience. This year's recital theme was "dancing Through the Decades." Your ballet dance, to the song I Want to Hold your Hand, was one of the first. Your little class looked so stinkin' cute standing on stage together, & you were the ballerina all the way to the right.

At one point in the dance, your class did a line of ballet poses. The poses rippled down the line, starting with the girl all the way to the left & ending with you. However, when it came your time to get into your pose position, each & every girl was in their graceful ballet poses...& you were standing with a thumbs up & big smile on your face. Ha!

Your next & final dance came toward the end of the recital. You girls came out in a black, sequined costumes that acted like disco balls when light caught the sequins. You performed a tap number to the song Turn the Beat Around. I smiled, watching you. You looked like you were having so much fun. I'm so glad that you've found something that you love, & hope you will stick with it for as long as you love it.

There was a finale with the whole dance company. You smiled & waved at the audience. To your delight, a pop of confetti covered the stage. I laughed as I found you back at the classroom after the finale. Most of your class was packed up to go & standing in line waiting for their parents. You & S looked like you had moved in. You were sitting in chairs, eating snacks. Your costumes & other belongings were strewn across the floor. I hugged you both. I was so proud of my silly, beautiful, amazing little dancers.

You left the middle school where you had performed to join your many fans waiting outside. Grandma & Papa were there with S's parents & Grandma. You & S both held double bouquets as you posed for the paparazzi pictures before we headed to a local restaurant to celebrate.

I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you. You worked on something for months, never giving up. You put it all out there in front of everyone & did your very best...in a style that was all your own. You absolutely dazzle me, little girl.

I love you so,

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