Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Recap 2015

Dear Em,
Daddy's Father's Day got off to a little bit of a rocky start. The cats have taken to punching each other recently, & at 2:30am they decided to have a boxing match between themselves & our bedroom mirror. Boxing matches in your bedroom are not really conducive to good sleeping, & Charlie & Joey's behavior is a perfect example of why we never felt the need to keep trying for more kids until we had a boy.

So, we let Daddy stay in bed as we took Papi out for a Father's Day breakfast. We went to Cracker Barrel. Papi really likes the food, & you & Nonnie really like the shopping area. I thought it would be the perfect spot for everyone, but it was insanely packed. While we waited for what seemed like an eternity, I repeated to myself over & over again that Mother's Day & Father's Day were bad days to go out to breakfast- hoping one of these days I'll actually remember & stop subjecting our parent's to the long waits & craziness that is going out to breakfast on two of the busiest breakfast days of the year.

We dropped Papi off at the airport just in time for him to catch his flight to North Carolina. We had such a fun week with him, & we're going to miss him a lot. I'm just so very thankful that we got to share the week we did & celebrate him on Father's Day.

Then you, Nonnie, & I headed to Home the pouring rain. What does it say when you walk into the doors of Home Depot & the people that work there say, "back again?" Anyway, we picked up some kindling for the fire pit & the finishing touches to a special project that we worked on this week. Then we picked up a few things at the grocery store. We didn't need much for Father's Day dinner, because Daddy really wanted BBQ from Black Sheep BBQ, the one & only BBQ you can purchase out of a school bus in our town.

We let Daddy play video games while we cleaned up & got everything ready for Grandma & Papa to come over. The sun finally came out as they arrived. You happily led Daddy & Papa through a scavenger hunt that ended at the hammock we had gifted Daddy for Father's Day & the tomato plant we had gifted Papa.

Nonnie & I went to pick up the BBQ, & <whomp whomp> Black Sheep BBQ was closed for Father's Day. We quickly went to plan B & picked up steaks & sausage & ribs to grill. If Daddy wasn't going to get the exact Father's Day food he had requested, at least I could still do my best to put him in a meat eating coma. You happily played Tball & Frisbee & catch in the backyard while dinner was quickly put together.

We ate a yummy dunner outside in the sunshine, & then you played catch with Daddy in the backyard. I can't imagine a more quintessential activity for a Daddy to do with his child on Father's Day. I loved watching the two of you. You had the biggest smiles & giggles. Daddy was so incredibly patient with you & never gave up as you dropped ball after ball. You both rejoiced each time you caught the ball & each time you threw the ball right to him. You two put such a smile in my heart.

We all sat around the fire pit as the day came to an end.

It was a pretty fabulous Father's Day, & I'm glad we were able to share such a special day with three incredible & amazing Dads. We're so lucky to have three guys as supportive & loving & fun as Daddy, Papi, & Papa. I hope they know how crazy we are about them, not just on Father's Day, but each & every day.

I love you so,

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