Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Mediterranean Adventure: Day Eleven Capri, Italy

Dear Em,
* This is one of ten posts recapping our California adventure. See also Day One Boston to BarcelonaDay Two Antibes & NiceDay Three Pisa & FlorenceDay Four RomeDay Five & Six CruisingDay Seven AthensDays Eight, Nine, & Ten Turkey & Lots of CruisingDay Twelve Cruising & Returning Home, & Your Own Adventures with Grandma & Papa. *
Because we had missed out on our Santorini experience, we decided to forgo Pompeii (our trip had already been so full of ancient ruins) & a hike up Mt. Vesuvius in favor of an Italian island excursion. We decided to go to Capri for the quaint Italian sights, the food, the shopping, & the chance to swim in the Mediterranean.

Salerno, Italy is not a tender port, but we did get on a ferry right after leaving our cruise ship. The hour ferry ride included beautiful views of the Amalfi coast. It's incredible how all of the structures are built right into the side of a mountain.

We arrived at Capri, which was basically an island of rock & were immediately amazed by the view the island gave us of Naples & Mt Vesuvius. Our guide told us we would hitch a ride on a minibus to AnaCapri (which basically means on the top of Capri), because the roads are too narrow for regular sized buses...& he was right. The roads were so narrow I was sure they were one way roads, & yet traffic on each side buzzed by. I had a window seat on our minibus, with the view of the ocean. I was absolutely dazzled by the beautiful mountaintop ocean view while at the same time praying our minibus did not go flying off the cliff we drove right on the edge of.

Miraculously, we made it to AnaCapri in one piece. Daddy & I headed straight to the chairlift that takes you to the top of the mountain. Smaller than a lift at a sky resort, this one was just a one-seater. In quiet solitude I was able to look at the most amazing aerial views while also looking at the homes & gardens below my feet. I could smell basil over top of the many gardens. I was so glad we decided to visit Capri, because that little chairlift ride immediately became my favorite adventure of the whole trip. Once we got to the top, we looked over the edge at Naples & Mt Vesuvius for a while (clouds & fog covered the other side of the mountain) before heading back down on the lift.

We grabbed a quick cappuccino with a view before heading down to the main center of Capri. There, we tried Italian limoncello for the first time. Did you know Capri was the first place to produce limoncello? Next, we grabbed some Italian pasta & pizza at a pizzeria with a stone oven & view of the harbor (we were told to only go to the pizza places that were called pizzerias, because they had the stone ovens). It was the best meal I had the whole trip.

We did a little bit of shopping (the center of Capri mostly had expensive shops like Dolche & Gabana...not really my style) before taking a cable car (like a subway but hanging in the air) back down to the port. 

We took a Ferry back to our cruise ship. This time we sat up top. I loved every second of the ocean breeze on my face & Amalfi coast views along the way. 

We went back to our room for a little bit of rest before Daddy & I had dinner in the formal dining room, just the two of us. We talked about how much we missed you & all the things you do that make us laugh. We both felt ready to go home, but we talked about all the things we would miss about the cruise having someone clean up our room each day & having breakfast, lunch, & dinner prepared for us. We talked about our favorite adventures in France, Italy, Greece, & Turkey. 

We went out onto deck to view the most brilliant sunset. The sky was bright colors of cotton candy surrounding the island of Capri. We joined up with Glen & Liz & listed to karaoke for a little while but ultimately ending up in the quaint piano bar & a quiet card game of high, low, Jack. 

I can't believe we've already experienced our last Mediterranean excursion- our last cone of gelato, our last bite of pizza, our last glimpse of a ruin- but I'm so ready to return our home & return to you. 

I love you so,

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